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The Unsecured Border

Posted in Secure the Borders on January 7, 2012 by Illuminate08

As Obama continues to thumb his nose at the border security situation, daily more illegal aliens flock over the Arizona Mexican border.  But they are not just from Mexico, we have aliens who are running from oppressive South American countries as well as Asians, Muslims and anarchist who have agendas to undermine the freedom of Americans.  Our elected officials continue to turn a blind eye on the situation which has been going strong unchecked since the 1970’s.  As a child growing up on a farm in the Valley of the Sun.  It was not unusual to find men, women and children among the trees in our Orange Grove, some looking for work, some looking for handouts and a ride into town.  But that was in the 70’s not 2012 and after 9-11.  We listen as we are told that our country is ‘more secure now than in 2001’, a statement that I laugh at each time I hear it.  A country is not ‘more secure’ when there are millions of undocumented people living within our borders.

Mexican Cartel's

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